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August 2010
I have not been updating news because I think there has not been any major things. Summer is gone and I has been in home with the puppies. I took a day trip to couple shows, Rovaniemi and Ylivieska, Awa's son Karo was also in both, his result in Rovaniemi was VG / 1 and from Ylivieska EXC / 2, PU2, res-CAC. Awa's second litter was born 25.7.2010, two boys and one girl. One boy is still looking for a home. Few pictures of him below;

Added also new photos to puppies own album HERE

May 2010
Added new photos to Anna's gallery and puppie's gallery. Couple videos about puppies available in their own page here.

Karo (UtaMuutin Kaertok) was BOB-puppy at Oulainen Group Show 22.5.2010.

Puppies born. Mom and puppies are doing well. Photos here.

April 2010
Last weekend was alaskan malamutes specialty. From my own dogs in show was Awa, who get the result working class EXC / 2. Awas son Karo was also show in puppy class to 7-9 months old pups, he get result PEK3 (puppy class 3).

Anna's ultra is done and she wait puppies, pups will be born in week 18. New pictures in Awa's and Karo's galleries.

March 2010
6.3.2010 was in Utajärvi malamutes weight pulling test. Awa participate in test with Anne A., she get KVK1 result 10,34 x her own weight. From our O-litter “Laikku” UtaMuutin O’Mayok was also in test, she too get KVK1 result with 8,48 x own weight. Anna visit in Sweden and has now been bred with “Nokke” Cahppes Chikuminuk, puppies wait to be born early May, we take reservations to this litter now.

14.3 Was Kiiminki race, Awa run in Annes team with Tatu and Wicca. Annes team was 2. (in malamutes), Markos team won race only by 3 second. From this race Awa get REK1 result. Big thanks to Anne again : )) !!!

Updated Upcoming Litters-page, added new photos to K-litter's album, done new album for Lila and also for Anna.

February 2010
Awa completed and passed in Särna Sweden 10km Polarhund A-test, Anne A. ski with her, Thank you : ) Test is 10km long and time to do it is 1 hour. In pulka dog must have also weight, so in Awa's pulka was 30kg. Before test Awa was only four times between shafts so it was almost “extempore” accomplishment.

About same time Marko start 100km Polarhund D-test. One dog who ran in his team was Snoopy Face Annapolis, whom will be mother to our next litter, Marko's team did great job and was in finish line late evening.

Added couple new photos to Karo's album.
Added new album for Lila and her "brother" Timi (Quinault's Quiet Riot).

January 2010
Updated Puppies-page and newest addition has arrived to Finland.

New year and new tricks : ) Year 2009 news has moved now to archives, you find it side right margin.

We did start new year in south Finland, but before leave there dog pack change little. Awa and Repe stayed to Anne's and Marko's place, and from there with as to south came Hugo. Awa and Repe is done good job in Anne's team running as a wheel dogs. In here I have been driving first with Hugo, Viiru and Apollo, and now after Kajaani Int dog show Alma stayed also here so Alma and Hugo run now together.

Anne and I visit in Kajaani show with Alma and Tatu(own.K. Hyvönen). I handled Tatu and Anne was ring with Alma. Tatu's result was Open class VG / 2, Alma was BOB veteran and best female 4.

Spring 2010 puppy plans is almost ready, we wait only little detail, more info about that end of this month or early February to puppies pages. Combination will be very interesting. Those, who feel this interesting send me ane-mail.

End of this month brings also other interesting things, but more about that after all is happily over.

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