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News Archive 2009

This year dog shows is now over. 12.-13.12.2009 was winner-09 and Nordic winner-09 shows in Helsinki. Anne and I went there. I also announce Awa to Nordic winner, but she lost her coat so totally and she not have time to grow it back. From Annes pack come Nicki, Alma and Antti (own. H. Sairanen). Alma was BOB veteran in both days. To Anne and Marko BIG Congrats Almas fine result!!! Annes and Markos pages you find here. Added couple new photos to Repe's album.

November 2009
Last weekend I, Anne, and Marko visit in Jyväskylä Int dog show. My own dogs wasn’t come along but from Anne's and Marko's pack came Laikku, Alma, Nicki and Antti (own. H. Sairanen). Laikku (UtaMuutin O’Mayok) continued good showing and was BB2 getting also res-CACIB. Own camera was home so no pictures in this time. From Karo new pictures in gallery.

October 2009
In Saturday morning Anne and I packed three dogs in to the car and drove to the Seinäjoki Int dog show. Laikku surprised us joyfully, she become BOB and got also Cacib. New pictures in Laikku's gallery and here is video.

New pictures from six weeks old Karo is add in Karo's gallery. We received Coat length DNA test result from Awa, Repe and Karo, results is in dogs own pages.
New puppy photos in Gallery. Updated also Litters-page, K-litter's page and Puppies-page.

September 2009
New puppy photos in Gallery.

Awa got one puppy male 3.9. When delivery wasn’t go on ok, I decided that I take Awa to the vet. Puppy was so big that Awa was unable to deliver it right way so vet make C-section. Now puppy is growing, weight was this morning 1 kg 500g. His eyes opened nine day old and now he has been training walking already three days . He is very energetic puppy. Puppy have now also his own pages, you find it under litters here. Also few photos added to Repe and Apollo.

August 2009
About week to Awa's delivery. Her belly is not so big, that I don’t wait big litter, but some movement can feel in there. After delivery is done we see how many puppies will come. I washed Awa couple days ago and after that we took some photos, you can find those photos in her gallery.

Lots of happening since last update. Minto visit our place in end of June, breeding with Awa was succeed.

End of June was also Gällivare Int dog show in Sweden. Me, Anne and Nicki drove there. Nicki get fine result; BOB, CACIB and CAC, he become S CH. After Gällivare our family have time to visit at the cabin.

18.-19.7 was Oulu Int dog show. Any of our dogs wasn’t announced there, but I handled Nicki in the ring. In Saturday result was CH Class EXC / 2, BM2 and res-CACIB and Sunday CH Class EXC / 2, BM3. Anne and Alma get again excellent result, Alma was in both day BOB veteran and also in Saturday BF4 and Sunday BF3.

More about Nicki and Alma in here.

In early July I get also news from Axu “UtaMuutin O’Watago”, Axus x-rays is done hips B / B and elbows 0 / 0, more info about Axu in his own pages here.

Awa's ultra is done and puppies will come in week 35.

Added also new photos for every mal's own album.

May 2009
Me and Anne visit again in dog show 23.5.2009, this time in Keminmaa. Laikku was working class VG / 1. Again Alma get fine result, she was Bb2, resCAC and BOB veteran. Alma take also BIS1 veteran title. Laikku have new picture in gallery. More about Laikku and Alma in here. Added also new photos to Awa's gallery.

Today Anne and I were Ristijärvi group Show. Alma and Laikku was with as. Laikku get wonderful result and is first UtaMuutin dog who have FI CH title. Her all result was working class EXC / 1, Bb1, CAC, BOS and FI CH.

“Mrs.” Alma is still excellent condition (9 years), she got from veteran class VET EXC / 1, Bb2, res-CAC, BOB-VET and BIS2-VET result. Unfortunately we do not have any pictures from Laikku in own camera, but hopefully Jokke get some. Other hand Almas pictures is in own camera, so you can look those in Annes and Markos pages soon here.

Congratulation also to Anne K. and Kirsimarja Talut's fine result !!

April 2009
Awa will be bred in her next season. More info later on.

March 2009
Some updates from little longer time. First, you can find weight pulling pictures in Awa’s gallery from Ylämaa weight pulling test. Repe visited in eye check 26.2.09 and he have clear eyes. Awa is been two times in ultrasound, sadly puppies is not coming.

February 2009
Many updates done: Updated Awa's, Puppies, Links and Aatos's page. Added new photos to Repe's, Laikku's and Hobbies-albums. Created new album for Aatos.
Last weekend was so super, that some word must write. Saturday Awa was in her first weight pulling test. In test she pull 5,52 x her own weight 29 kg = 160kg. She passed test and get KVK1 (weight pulling1) result. In our weight pull test here in Finland dog must to pull 5 x own weight. Sled has to move within first minute and dog pass weight pulling test if it pull 10 meters distance in 3 minutes. All commands must give behind dog and sled. Our test done always in snow. Dog passes test if it get KVK1 result.

Then Sunday was sled dog race in Ylämaa, Kasarin salpasäpinät. This was my second race where I self drove. Awa ran with Nicki. Our time in 10 km race was 00,41,53min and we get 4. place from nine malamute teams. Pictures from both events come later in this week.

January 2009
Last weekend Repe was running Villes team in Jongunverran race. His team mates was Alma (Salomaan Alma) and Kiibu ( Neatut Kiibuyat). Placement was 4. with REK2 result. Race distance about 8½km. First day time 00:34:02 and second day time 00:31:34 both days together 01:05:36. Avg. speed 14, 63.

Also two dogs from my first litter, Laikku and Aatos participate race, Laikku got REK2 result, Aatos team wasn’t taking part in racetest. Photos from race coming later.
Updated photos of Kajaani INT Show to Hobbies-album
Yesterday was Kajaani INT dog show. Me, Anne and Marko were there with five dogs, results was;
Antti CH CLASS EXC / 1, BM1, CACIB, BOB, INT CH (owner: Hanna Sairanen)
(BF=best female, BM=best male). Pictures from show come later.

Updated new photos to Apollo's, Repe's, Viiru's and Awa's galleries.

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