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November 2008

In here is now little snow, still we aren’t yet start the sledding season. This far all driving goes with KickBike. Dogs are running now 3-8 km about four times in week. New pictures in Awa's and Apollo's gallery.

October 2008

Last month has been busy, dogs coming and going. From Kempele dogs visiting here and ours dog visiting there. Yesterday Laikku came again to be as Repe's buddy here in Utajärvi. Yesterday Anne and I visit also Seinäjoki Int dog show with Nicki and Alma. I announced also Awa, but she started her season so I decided, that maybe it is best to left her home.

Nicki was in ring with me, his result working class EXC / 2 and best male3. Then Anne and Alma got fine result from veteran class; EXC / 1, best female 2 and CAC, this was Alma's second CAC. Big congrats to Kempele ! Unfortunately we do not have any pictures from show, my camera was broken and Anne'ss camera not function well.

September 2008

In weekend Laikku become sick. Monday when we went to see vet, they say that she has pyometra. Only right decision was that they operate and take her uterus off. This was sad thing because in Saturday vet still said that she saw  4-6 fetus in there.

Awa got her last CAC and become FIN CH in Köyliö show, she was also BOB. Nicki was also in show, his result was EXC / 1, best male 3 and res-CAC. Last weekend we were also in ALMA autumn meeting in Jyväskylä Riihivuori.

Laikku and Cougar met each other, all went well and hopefully puppies will be born in week 45. In week 41 Laikku will be checked by ultra, so we see are there any puppies to come. Pictures from trip you can find Laikku’s and Hobbies Gallery.

August 2008
I and Anne were yesterday in Yppäri dog show with Laikku and Nicki. Laikku got her second CAC and was also BOS. Nicki game BOB, he also got his second CAC and was Group-2. You find pictures from the show in Laikku's and Hobbies galleries.

Last weekend we were in Kuopio INT dog show. Awa participate show in Saturday and Sunday. Saturday result was EXC / 2 and Sunday VG / 2. Pictures from show is in Awa's gallery.

July 2008
Today was Ylivieska INT dog show. In show was entry of 13 malamutes. Awa was in show and her result was OPEN CLASS EXC / 1, Best female 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS. Couple pictures from show in Awas gallery. Added photos also for Viiru, Repe and Apollo.

Whole site has been renewed. Site content updated also here and there. Also Puppies-page is updated.

June 2008
On the pages done some structure changes. Updated Puppies-page .

May 2008
Again lots of happenings in weekend. First in Saturday was Oulaisten Group Show, where was entered 27 malamutes. Two of my own dogs was in show, Repe and Awa. I also handled Nicki in show. Nicki was first in open class, he got EXC / 2 and was best male 4. Then Repe in champion class EXC / 1, best male 2. Awa was in open class and her result was EXC / 1, best female 1 and she got CAC and she was also BOB. In Awa's gallery couple new pictures.

Then Sunday was 3 km Kickbike race in Rokua. I participated in two dogs class with Nicki and Awa. Weather was about 10-15 degrees and because we were in Rokua, track that we drove was very fine sand and also deep down hills and steed up hills is familiar to the area. Time was 14.01 and placement 10. In hobbies gallery couple pictures from race.

In weekend was unofficial dog Match Show here in Utajärvi. I was there with Awa, who was BIS 2. Few photos below.

Our site address has changed and new address is www.utamuutin.com. Please update your link! We have also new e-mail-address: utamuutin (at) utamuutin.com

April 2008
Laikku has been in ultrasound and unfortunately no puppies is coming.

Last weekend was malamute specialty in Jyväskylä. Judge was breeder judge from USA, Barbara Ann Brooks. I announce Repe to show and he was from over 30 males Working class EXC / 2 and best male 4. Repe have new pictures in his gallery.
Lots of happening in this weekend. Laikku came to us little vacation in Thursday. Then Friday Awa went with Anne K. this seasons last sled dog race in Kemijärvi Oinakka sprint. Awa run there with Jyry (Neatut Kadluk). Distance in there was 2 x 11,6km. Saturday time 00:45:46 and Sunday time 00:49:22, both days together 01:35.08. Then Sunday I go with Repe unofficial show and he was fourth best dog in show.

I must say that now I must be very pleased to Awas this winter results. She has been racing in this winter with three different drivers team and all those drivers is been strange to her, also two times she get almost completely stranger team mate, still she only run and not take any notice other else, this seasons whole result was 2 x REK2, 1 x REK1 and ALMA:s winter meeting race best team + also in Jongu best malamute team ! This is very good result in her first racing season...

March 2008
We visited in Sweden with Laikku, she and Cougar met each other. If all go well, hopefully puppies born middle in May. Updated Puppies-page.

Awa and Nicki in Kiiminki race. Result REK2, time 00:42:47!

New pictures of Cougar.

Awa's healt results are updated to Awa's page.

February 2008
Sometimes plans don't work out, like now, I have been sick almost couple weeks in influenza and because of that, I must decide not to go ours club winter meeting in Nurmes. Awa was in there with Marko and participate in 9 km race. Keijo was driver and Nicki run with her, they won their class, time was 00:35:38. Laikku participate weight pulling contest in Sunday, she was best female result was 505kg, 15,78 x her own weight. Big thanks to Marko and Keijo. New pictures from Udelius is updated in Awa's gallery and pictures from ALMA winter meeting come later.

Last weekend I drive my first sled dog competiton in Ilmajoki “Udeliuksen Urat”. With me was Awa, in her second race. Awa and Nicki run together and they get REK2 result ! Distance was 1 x 8km and time 00:31:04. Unfortunately I not get any photos from race..

Laikku participated weight pulling test in last weekend. In her first test she pulls KVK1 result and passed test ! In Finland dogs have to pull 10 meters in 3 minutes and weight what is in the sled must be 5 times their own weight to pass the weight pull test. All commands give behind dog and sled, and sled must move in the first minute. In here we do test always in snow.

January 2008
Added photos of Jongunverran Race to Awa's Gallery.


Awa's first sled dog race, she run with Repe in Jongunverran Race, musher was Marko. Girl did big job with Repe and they got very good results from two day race. Saturday result was 00:35.23 and Sunday 00:32:27, both days average speed 15,92 km / hour. Race distance was in both days 9 km. UtaMuutin O’Nartok run also in two dogs team 2 x 20 km, they get REK3 result. Pictures from races updated later…

Awa was in Kajaani INT dog show, her result was Intermediate class EXC / 2, second best bitch, res-CAC and res-CACIB. Updated Awa's own page and gallery.

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