Utamuutin Kennel


Alaskan Malamute is a heavy weight pulling sleddog. You need to keep that in mind, when breeding Alaskan Malamutes. It is important, that Malamutes maintain those original qualities, that provide Malamute the ability to perform their duty as a heavy weight pulling sleddog. Breeding dog has to be healthy. Malamute's structure and appearance must respond requirements in breed standard.  Alaskan Malamute's temperament is gentle and friendly, it isn't just "one man's dog".

Alaskan Malamute are in Finnish Kennel Club's PEVISA program (Program fighting against inherited abnormalities and diseases). Both parents must have valid official health results, before they are used to breeding. Finnish Alaskan malamute Club has also own criteria for breeding dogs.  I hope, that all malamutes bred by me, will be health checked. This way we can try to forward breed's health.

Our puppies are leaving to their new homes at 7-8 weeks old. We register all our puppies and also they will be veterinary checked and micro-chipped. Every puppy gets a file with instructions about educating, information about different activities, comprehensive feeding instructions, health issues, breed standard and 5-generation pedigree. Also puppies get with them sack that dog food what they been eating while they been here.

If you are interested in our Upcoming litters, please take contact, so we can discuss more. I hope, that I get as much as possible info about your home, family, other pets and you too, before we make any decisions. This way we can both ensure, that breed is right choice for you and it responds to buyer's requirements. It is really important, that every puppy gets lifetime and loving home.

I hope puppies to get active homes. Alaskan malamute is a breed, of which you need to spend lot of time and it needs to be provided different functional activities. I also hope, that our puppies are taken to Shows. That gives me valuable info about my breeding dog's value. I also hope, that I can follow puppies growth and it's life after that.  You can contact me any time, I would love to answer any questions and take part every happy and also sad moments. If you feel, that these requirements aren't impossible, take contact. You are also welcome to visit us and get to know our dogs and us.

Breed Standard and other info about Alaskan malamutes, you can find in Finnish Alaskanmalamute Club's website: www.alaskanmalamuutti.net

Planned litters

Next litter possible in spring 2016.
More info by phone or e-mail.