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News Archive 2007

November 2007
Updated new pictures in Hobbies gallery and add new link in link page. Also in Awa's page straight link to KoiraNet Breeders data base.


Jyväskylä INT Dog Show; Laikku Open class EXC / 1. Awa got her Finnish pedigree last week and was in her first big show . Awa's result was JUN VG / 3. Laikku participated also in ALMA's first breeding qualification survey and got an good and realistic estimation. New pictures added to Awa's and Laikku's galleries.

October 2007
Oulu Int dog show, Laikku open class exc / 1, best female 1, Cac, Cacib and Bob. Repe champion class vg / 1. Show place was very small and also ring was too little. Laikku is now very good condition. Repes coat is not best condition, he start change it, so he not have very much under coat.

Puppies page is updated. Awa and Repe were Sunday 23.9 unofficial dog show, Repe was BIS 2.

September 2007
We were in Rokua this weekend, in there was malamute meeting, several teams training theirs dogs. Repe and Awa run also in Saturday, all go very well, Awa like very much running and work very good in harness. In Awa's gallery new photo.

August 2007
Awa and Laikku in Rovaniemi group Show 11.8. Awas result; Junior class VG / 2 and Laikku Open class G. Photos of Awa and Laikku.  

Laikku was today Kuopio dog show, her result; OPEN CLASS EXC / 1, 3rd best female and RES-CAC. Photo from show in her gallery.

New web-pages are now open.

July 2007

In July we were in home. Now is new dog “pen” ready. Aatos and Usva came visit to us in three weeks vacation, so little while ours dog number was six. Pictures of Aatos and Usva in Aatos's page.

With Awa we were also tourist in Muhos dog group show and from there Awa and I go to visit Anne, Marko and theirs dogs in Kempele. Aatoksen sivulla.

June 2007
Meet the New Member of our Family, Awaan.

May 2007
26.5 was National Dog Show in Iisalmi, judge Kurt Nilsson, Sweden, Repes result; Ch Class EXC / 1, best male1, BOB. Next day was Finnish Malamute Specialty 2007 Show, in specialty participate 59 dogs, 11 puppies, 25 males and 23 females, judge Leif-Herman Wilberg, Norway; Repe Ch Class EXC / 2, best male2 and Viiru Ch Class VG / 4

Puppy plans to year 2008. More detail in puppies page. New link add to link page.

Laikku, Viiru and Repe all visit in eye exam. All have clear eyes. Veterinary use in exam new ECVO form = certificate of eye examination.

Leppävirta group show, Repes result; OPEN CLASS EXC / 1, BEST MALE 1, CAC, BOB, FIN MVA !

Laikkus health results; Hips A/A and elbows 0/0

April 2007
Repe visited in Kiuruvesi group show, result; OPEN CLASS VG / 2. Floor was very slippery so running was not so good.

This seasons last sleddog race was in Tervola. Repe and Laikku both get REK 1 result ! Very big thanks to Marko who drove them !

March 2007
Very nice weekend ALMA:s winter meeting in Rautavaara. Viiru and Repe participate un official weight pulling test and both dogs get very good result even though they was first-timers; Viiru (38kg) pull 400kg 10,53 x own weight and Repe (39kg) pull 370kg 9,49 x own weight.

February 2007
With Marko Repe went in Jämi Sleight dogs racing test. Repes pair was Savu. They got result REK3. Race pictures.

Repe and Laikku both start racin ”career”. Both were with Markko in Rautavaara SM- race. Big thanks to Marko! Photos here.

January 2007
Kajaani INT dog show 6.1.2007. Repe and Laikku both get G. Repe in open class and Laikku intermediate class. Judge was Maija Mäkinen from Finland.

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