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K-litter, born 3.9.2009

K-litter, born 3.9.2009 (Salomaan Salariyok x Silverdream's Heart Melody)


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Puppies were born 3.9.2009, one male

UtaMuutin Kaertok "Karo", uros

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Salomaan Salariyok ”Minto” is very fine young male. Minto become FI CH in Kotka INT show 14.6.09. He also have 2 x Cacib. Last years -08 Specialty Show he was BOS dog, judge in there was Barbara Ann Brooks. Minto has been shown that he have good working ability. He have 1 x REK2 and 3 x REK3 results. In winter 2010 he get also KVK1 (weight pulling) result. Minto is honest and keen worker and when he work he only work. He is eager and easy dog, who don’t want to cause any problem. He have good bite, strong bones and proper coat.

Salomaan Salariyok "Minto"

Silverdream's Heart Melody "Awa" is 3½-years old girl, who come to as from Canada in summer 2007. She achieve FI CH merit right after she turn 2 years old. She have also 2 x Cacib. Awa has shown very good working ability. Despite her young age, she run in winter season -08 three REK results, 1 x REK1 and 2 x REK2. In winter 2009 she only run one race, from there she get REK2. Winter season 2010 she get REK1 and from Sweden she accomplish Polarhundtest A. Awa is been participate also two Weight pulling test and from both tests she get passed test KVK1 result. She is very lively dog, who is always ready to do something.

FIN MVA Silverdream's Heart Melody


Minto Alman talvipäivillä 2009

Awa Kasarin Salpasäpinöissä 2009 (on left side)