Utamuutin Kennel

C.I.B FIN NO MVA Silverdream's Heart Melody KVK1 WTD "Awa"


This lovely girl fly here from kennel Silverdream Canada. Awa is very lively and curious girl, she’s always ready to work. Already first fall, when we try biking, we notice that girl like pulling. So -07-08 winter season we set goal to get her REK =Sleddogtest results. Big proof her working ability is that, last winter she have four different drivers and all result was still very good, so she is not just “one man dog”.

In her first race with Repe, they were best malamute team. Then ALMA club race with Nicki they won 9km race. All seasons results was 2 x REK2 and 1 x REK1. Awa got her last CAC in Köyliö Show and become FIN CH 9/08. Winter season -09 we started at Ylämaa Weight Pulling Test. This was hers first weight pulling test and yet she got KVK1 (passed test, pull 5,52xown weight). From next day was Kasarin Salpasäpinät, result from there was REK2 with Nicki.


14.9.2008 Köyliö, Marja Talvitie, Finland
20.7.2008 Ylivieska, Zsolt Lokodi, Romania
24.5.2008 Oulainen, Gunnel Holm, Finland

20.7.2008 Ylivieska, Zsolt Lokodi, Romania
10.1.2009 Kajaani, Marja Talvitie, Suomi
28.8.2011 Tromssa, tuomari Marianne Holmli, Norway
6.7.2013 Piteå, Markku Mähönen, Finland
13.7.2013 Oulu, Laszlo Erdös, Hungary

14.12.2008 Helsinki V-08, Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Spain
05.01.2008 Kajaani, Theo Leenen, Belgia

05.01.2008 Kajaani, Theo Leenen, Belgia

10.2.2008   Udeliuksen Urat, Ilmajoki, REK 2
16.3.2008   Aarnivalakiat, Kiiminki REK 2
5.-6.4.2008 Oinakka Sprint, Kemijärvi REK1
1.2.2009     Kasarin Salpasäpinät REK2
12.2.2010   Passed Polarhund A-test in Sweden
14.3.2010   Aarnivalakiat, Kiiminki REK1
9.3.2011    Polarhund D-test in Sweden 
27.-29.1.2012 Eastpoint Open, Lieksa Jongunjoki-Ruunaa 3 x 31 km
3.-4.3.2012 Metsäkartano sprint, Rautavaara Metsäkartano REK1


31.1.2009    Ylämaa Weight pull test KVK1 (5,52 x own weight)
6.3.2010      Utajärvi Weight pull test KVK1 (10,34 x own weight)
19.3.2011    Utajärvi Weight pull test KVK1 (8,06 x own weight)
10.3.2012 Rautavaara, Metsäkartano Weight pull test KVK1