Utamuutin Kennel

FIN MVA Silent Ridge Copper Clue "Repe"

Repe came to us in fall 2004. Repe is a kind, easy and obedient boy. He has good angulations, movements and strong bones. He is also very good sled dog. Repe have REK1 result from sleddog race and unofficial weight pulling result -07; 370kg 9,49 x own weight(39kg). His best show result is from year -06, when he got group-4 placement in Rovaniemi Int. dog show.


24.06.2006 Rovaniemi, Claudio de Giuliani, Italy
02.07.2006 Ylivieska, Anita Whitmarsh, Sweden
05.05.2007 Leppävirta, Ligita Zake, Latvija

06.01.2006 Kajaani Gunnel Holm, Finland
24.06.2006 Rovaniemi, Claudio de Giuliani, Italy

06.01.2006 Kajaani, Gunnel Holm, Finland
14.05.2006 Oulu, Juha Kares, Finland
06.08.2006 Kuopion KV, Stelios Makaritis, Greece
07.10.2006 Oulun KV, Riitta Lahtovaara, Finland

24.-25.1.2009   Jongunverran Ajot REK 2
25.2.2007        Jämin Jäynä, REK 3
8.4.2007          Pohjola Sprint, REK 1